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Otto DIY BiPed Robot In Action

Master S has been part of CoderDojo Altona North for a few years, has worked through block programming, tried his hand at electronics but what he really loves is designing and building games with Scratch and the Kittenbot Meowbit board. Master S recently ventured into building his Arduino robot based on the Otto DIY Biped Robot project. I picked up the parts for the Otto DIY Biped robot from Ebay and thought that Master S would need some handholding to build the robot but i was wrong. Master S used the tutorials at Learning. KidzCanCode / Otto DIY Biped Robot to build the entire robot on his own. You can see a short video of the robot in action.

These last few weeks Master S has been focussing on integrating a Bluetooth module into the robot so that he can control the robot remotely over the phone. This will require Master S to integrate the relevant Bluetooth modules into the robot, build an andriod application using MIT’s App Builder and then test things out in class working closely with our volunteers.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post. Drop me a note at trevor at hack2 dot live if you have any questions.

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